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Field Trip

Upper Elementary

Our Upper Elementary community is based on educating the whole child through the Montessori method. We strive to help nurture and support our students into becoming empowered scholars and citizens of the  world. Our students learn so much more beyond the core academics, most importantly, how to enhance their executive functioning skills, problem-solving skills and communication skills. In our multi-age environment (ages 9 to 12), our students are given the opportunity to grow and learn together, at his/her own pace; the sky is truly the limit.

Gardening Lesson

Our Philosophy

  • Dynamic and participatory environment to foster critical thinking

  • Low student-to-teacher ratio to ensure ample attention

  • Multi-age classroom structure to encourage student mentorship

  • Individual progression without peer competition

Students in Classroom

Subjects Taught & Activities

Math, (traditional and Montessori) grammar, writing, history, science, geometry, geography, music, art, PE and Spanish.

Mystery History Research Project, 6th Grade Year Long Special Interest Project, End of Year Musical, Community Meals, Reading Buddies, Friday Electives.


Field Trips

6th grade Big Trip, fall campout, community outreach to Sedona Winds, curriculum-based plays at Yavapai College, 4th and 5th grade STEM CAMP, Musical Instrument Museum, Science Museum, Sunset Crater, Palatki Site, V Bar V archaeology, Arcosanti, Biosphere II, Colossal Cave, and more!

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