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Sedona Charter School takes a holistic approach to our curriculum.  Students study reading, writing, and math, as well as science, history, music, visual art, Spanish, technology,  and the life skills of physical fitness, community spirit, organization, and time management.  Every day is full of activity and study.  When you visit a classroom, you will notice that the students are all busy working.  Generally they are not all working on the same subject or lesson, yet they know, through the systems the teaching staff have put in place, what they need to be doing to further build their academic prowess.

Our Campus


Our campus is designed for indoor and outdoor study.  We have small group study areas on our nature trail, next to our pond, in our historic log cabin, and in our street side wildlife habitat area.

Lower Elementary

Grades 1-3
Kids Blowing Bubbles

Our goals for the Lower Elementary Classroom are to have all students develop strong, intrinsically motivated, academic skills; to learn to get along peacefully with each other, and to become self-reliant in order to become contributing citizens of the planet Earth.

Upper Elementary

Grades 4-6
School Field Trip

Our Upper Elementary community is based on educating the whole child through the Montessori method. We strive to help nurture and support our students into becoming empowered scholars and citizens of the  world. Our students learn so much more beyond the core academics, most importantly, how to enhance their executive functioning skills, problem-solving skills and communication skills. In our multi-age environment (ages 9 to 12), our students are given the opportunity to grow and learn together, at his/her own pace; the sky is truly the limit.

Middle School

Grades 7-8
Smiling Student

Enter the Sedona Charter School Middle School classroom and you will find an environment created and run by vibrant, engaged teenagers taking full agency in their education and surroundings. You may step into a debate about current political issues, a group building a roller coaster during a study of physics, or an organization session of the next visit with our elderly friends in a nearby assisted living facility.

Strings Program

Violin Class

In our small, rural Montessori school, we have developed an outstanding strings program, now under the leadership of master instructor Katherine Okesson.

We believe that the enjoyment, respect and knowledge of music and the development of the skills necessary to create and perform music enhance learning, enrich quality of life and nourish the human spirit. Therefore, our mission is to provide a foundation, at an early age, for lifelong engagement with music.

Sports & Athletics

School Girls During Workout

Our school offers a wide range of sports and athletics for students to participate in. From basketball and cross country to girls on the run, yoga, volleyball, and soccer, there's something for everyone. We believe that physical activity is an important part of a well-rounded education and encourage all students to get involved in our sports programs.

Performing Arts

School Cones in Class

Sedona Charter School students have many opportunities to develop performance and presentation skills, beginning with singing and playing recorders and developing multi-media history presentations in Lower Elementary, to Mystery History and end-of-year plays in Upper Elementary, to dynamic theater productions and choral performances in Middle School.

Special Education

Teacher Helping Student

Our dedicated team of educators, specialists, and support staff are committed to providing high-quality services and tailored support to all students with diverse learning needs. We strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where every child can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. Through collaboration with families, regular communication, and evidence-based practices, we work tirelessly to ensure that each student reaches their full potential and achieves success in their educational journey. 

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